Thursday, June 14, 2012

Round Robin Journal Spread

I'm so happy to be part of an art journaling group that gets together once a month in the basement of a local art supply store, Artisan Santa Fe. For our May meetup, our "homework" was to start a journal page (or spread) with just one collage piece. Then at the meetup, our moderator set a timer for 5 minutes and each person (there were about 12 of us) had to add to a journal page during that short time. When time was up, we moved the journals along and repeated the 5 minute timed spurt until the journals had made it all the way around the table. Every single page or spread was completely different and reflected the creativity of all of us. BTW, the collage piece I started with was the white cat with the cut-out lime helmet. Wow - what a blast we had!